Joe Nedza

It all started in 2015 when our founder, Joe Nedza, waited in line in New York City for something similar to a Nedza's Waffle for over 2 hours. He finally got to the front and the store had just sold out. However, Joe left with an idea. Why couldn't we bring waffles here to the Classic City and put our own spin on things? So, with an idea and a drive to succeed, Joe built the company from the ground up. He set out not only to create a delicious waffle dessert, but to create a better business built around warmth, love, and kindness. Here at Nedza's, we want to get to know you, build relationships with you, and put a smile on your face. With a warm waffle in hand, we hope you can spread our love and kindness in your community and make a positive influence on someone else.

Our team is committed to serving you a quality product each and every time you walk in our doors. Whether you choose one of our signature creations, create your own waffle, or customize a dessert of your choice, we promise to serve you the best tasting, most fun dessert you've ever tasted. Even better, our team will add a personal complement to each and every dessert that we serve. 


Athens, GA, 30616





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